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  • CRISPieR Plants: the 2015 project March 31, 2015
    The Waterloo iGEM team is excited to announce our 2015 project: CRISPieR Plants! After wrestling with the largest number of iGEM-worthy project ideas we’ve ever championed, the team has decided to continue our focus on the incredible CRISPR-Cas9 system from last season.…Read more ›
  • The Final Five 2015 Project Ideas March 4, 2015
    After several nights of scribbling on whiteboards and many impassioned critiques at meetings, we narrowed it down to five possible projects for iGEM 2015. We’ve already chosen ours for this year (revealing that soon) and would be very happy to…Read more ›
  • Recruitment Retrospective February 15, 2015
    On the Waterloo iGEM team this year we’re trying to formalize our processes for setting up meetings, hiring new members and all the other boring bureaucratic tasks of getting a group of people to work together. We’ve decided to post…Read more ›