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  • 5 Tools to Use in Your iGEM Wiki September 8, 2015
    Wikis are a big part of each iGEM project, and making one from scratch is a big deal. Thankfully, we’ve come across some tools and add-ins that make designing our iGEM wiki a bit easier, and make the site itself…Read more ›
  • Gene Editing and Genetically Modified Organism Surveys! August 17, 2015
    Would you like to participate in a survey and share your opinions on gene editing techniques and/or genetically modified organisms? Then we’d love it if you could help our project this year by completing our survey(s)! Link to genetically modified…Read more ›
  • CRISPieR: iGEM 2015 project update August 13, 2015
    We’re at the point in the iGEM session where it seems like people have moved into the lab: the pet goldfish of our (beloved, unpaid) co-op student has taken up residence in our office, we’ve acquired a mini fridge named…Read more ›