UW's Synthetic Biology Team

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What is iGEM?

iGEM is a platform for High School, Undergraduate, and Graduate students to become immersed in the rapidly-progressing field of Synthetic Biology. Teams from all over the world innovate, build, model, and study the applications and effects of their engineered biological systems. iGEM teams compete annually at the Giant Jamboree competition where teams share how they have used synthetic biology to tackle today's problems. For more information about iGEM please check out the organization’s website.

The Waterloo Team:

The University of Waterloo iGEM team comprised of undergraduate students started in 2005 in collaboration with the University of Toronto and has since become an independent team based on the Waterloo campus. Here at Waterloo iGEM we value taking on projects with impact, fostering a collaborative learning environment, and conducting reliable experiments. If you are interested in applying to our team please familiarize yourself with who we are and what we stand for by exploring this website, then check out our application process. Our team is made up of 3 subteams: Lab and Design, Math and Modelling, and Human Practices, all of which collaborate and work alongside our administrative leads to bring our annual projects to life. We are thankful for support from our sponsors, collaborators, and advisers.


For other iGEM teams:

Waterloo always welcomes collaboration initiatives with other iGEM teams whether they are in Canada or abroad! If you want to collaborate with our team please reach out via and social media platform or through our main email address. We can’t wait to work with you!

For students looking to start their own iGEM teams:

Waterloo has been involved in iGEM since 2005 and is always happy to share advice on how to do anything from setting up a team, finding support (financial and advisory), to how to get started on your project.

For community members or other:

If you would like to reach out to the Waterloo team to learn more about synthetic biology and the research we do, please reach out through the main email address.

Past Projects